Why we are here.

We are on a mission

We intend to pursue excellence beyond compliance, in all aspects of our work
In India large population face discrimination on the basis of their caste, gender and economic backgrounds. These inequalities divide our societies due to which many voices of individuals go unheard. We have seen these unequal societies tend to have higher levels of inequality and poverty. We are here to beat discrimination and inequality.

At Vigada Care Foundation we believe in creating a society where people are not forced to fight for their right to life specially when they are old . At our foundation we provide elderly care , right to education, health, and empowering women. No one should face discrimination in realizing their rights.

Promote Access to Health Care

ONE among the numerous challenges in the healthcare sector in India has been lack of access to quality services for the poor and marginalised communities. We are working in various areas such as child and reproductive health, nutrition, early identification of diseases, and treatment of communicable diseases.