Child Education

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Education is light to darkness, source of happiness, power to the weak, words for the dumb, music to the deaf, dream of the blind. Education is the only solution to almost every problem of today’s life. But unfortunately in India, we still have uneducated people. For some unveiled reasons, they are deprived from the light of education. Knowing the fact , how necessary it is to educate the girls in our country.

At Foundation we provides bridge courses to those children who have suffered breaks in their formal education. We take care of their educational requirements, providing not only academic support that enables them to define success of their schooling experience and material support. This includes uniforms, books, school bags, shoes, socks and other stationary requirements etc. to enable the girl child to go to school with dignity. The material kit is ceremoniously handed over to each child at the beginning of the academic year. The program selects children based on multiple criteria, viz family income, guardian’s educational background, social background and the child’s aptitude.

Promote access to health care for children

Keep kids healthy and ready to learn

Come, join our mission to Educate Every Last Child!

Every child, no matter who they are or where they come from, deserves access to education.
With your help and support, we will be able to educate every last child of our nation! Your contribution has the power to change the course of a child’s life.